We're dedicated to rescuing rehabilitating retraining rehoming companion dogs Australia wide

Guardian Angel is a training-focused not for profit organisation who specialises in dogs with anxiety, aggression, reactivity, lack of obedience, manners and much more

We are a no-kill rescue based in Adelaide, meaning that no healthy, re-homable animal is euthanised. 

Adopting an animal can be one of the most rewarding experiences someone can have. An adopted animal can fill a hole that an individual/family never even knew existed. They bring light, love and laughter all in one!

Ensuring you are choosing the right breed or breed mix is the most important part in adopting a dog. Why not email one of our professional match making consultants?! They can match you up to a dog most suited to your lifestyle. Second hand dogs, make first class pets!

Guardian Angel Animal Rescue strive themselves on making the adoption process simple and straight forward, whilst offering the potential adopter confidence that they will be supported throughout the lifetime of the dog. GAAR conduct behavioural assessments on all dogs prior to being placed for advertising. This helps place the dogs into suitable forever homes and allows the adopters as much insight to the dog as possible.


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Available Dogs

Adoption Process


Potential adopters are required to fill in the adoption application here. By filling out this application, we can get a good indication if the animal is going to be suited to your home and lifestyle. A member of the GAAR team will contact you within 48 hours of receiving this application.

Meet and Greet

If your home is deemed suitable, a meet and greet will be scheduled with the animal you are interested in. We like to meet on mutual ground when other dogs are involved as this is the best way to introduce dogs to one another. At this meet and greet, any questions can be asked.

Successful Meet

If the meet is successful, we can organise a time for pick up/drop off of the animal. At this point, the adoption contract will need to be signed and the adoption fee paid full in cash. At the point of pick up/drop off, the two week trial period will commence. This is compulsory and not negotiable.

Two week trial

By having the two week trial period, it gives people an indication as to whether or not this is the right animal for them.

Unsuccessful trial

There may be unforeseen circumstances which requires the animal to come back into our care. If this is the case, the family must organise return of the animal into our care. The adoption fee will be returned less a $50.00 administration fee, returned via direct debit no more than 72 hours after the return of the animal.

Successful trial

So the two week is up, and you are just over the moon with the newest addition? That’s just fantastic! Once the two week trial period has finished, you can now register your animal with the council. GAAR will organise the change of ownership for the microchip.

“We got Billy nearly a year ago...hadn't actually brought home a rescue puppy of unknown breeding before so I was a little anxious about who Billy was going to turn into...we've been so lucky because he's turned into an absolutely beautiful dog. He's got a lovely, lovely temperament.”

“Mumma is a really good dog, we've got a really, really special bond. She loves me, I love her. She's been through hell and back in her past life...she's just the most beautiful girl and I'm really, really grateful that GAAR saved her and her puppies and brought her into my life.”

“[Diva] is now almost 6 and is the world's friendliest dog...she is a wonderful companion and I bless the day that we took her. Thank you. I will keep up the monthly donation and if possible one day may increase it. Keep up your wonderful work.”

“We adopted [Zena] in April. I just wanted to give an update and say that after 8 months she has really settled into her new life. She is such a wonderful dog and has just learned how to swim - she occasionally even tries to save us from the waves! Thanks to the good work you do we’re very glad we were matched with Zena.”

“Handsome Rocky...Rockys settled in really well, still learning to be friends with his feline sister, but learning about so many other new things lately and how much fun they can be...High fives..
Hide and seek..The doggy pool...His cousin Rufus..Cuddles..Other people.. (This one is big for us as he had some anxiety with strangers) annnd water!! To think he absolutely hated the hose and water spray only a week ago!”

“Just an update on our beautiful boy Ryder, prev known as Lux..... thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do. Without you we would never have met our healing boy. Playful, cheeky, loving and a little bit naughty (at times). He made our family complete once more”

“1 year ago today, we adopted our little Odie! (formerly named Bohdi). "A legend of a dog" was how she was described in her write up and that's been nothing but 100% true. A big shout out to Guardian Angel Animal Rescue Inc. for allowing us to adopt her and also for all the great training they provided her (and us!)”

“Today, our littlest fur child is celebrating his 1st birthday. From being hand-raised and bottle fed at only a couple of days old, to now being a grown up, sooky lap dog. We are so grateful to Guardian Angel Animal Rescue Inc. for looking after him as a tiny pupper. Happy birthday Parker bear”

Meet Bruce

Looking to surrender an animal? The dedicated volunteers at Guardian Angel Animal Rescue are extremely compassionate and understand that sometimes guardians cannot keep their animals due to personal circumstances.

We are a group of non-judgmental individuals who strive to ensure the animals surrendered into our care are given the best possible care.​

By surrendering your animal to a rescue organisation like Guardian Angel you are ensuring that your animal has the best possible chance at being re-homed. If not already, the animal will have all the required veterinary treatment which includes but is not limited to, de-sexing, vaccinations, micro-chipping, flea / worm / heart worm treatment and prevention and any other surgery deemed necessary for the animal.

Guardian Angel ensure that the potential adopters meet strict guidelines.​

Although there is no fee related to surrendering an animal, the surrendering individual / family are welcome to make a voluntary donation which will go toward the animals ongoing costs.

At present, GAAR’s outgoing costs are in excess of $8000 a month

As a guardian angel you’ll receive your very own personalised printable digital certificate, as well as a monthly newsletter on the first of every month which may include but is not limited to updates about the dogs in care and forever home updates and general training tips for your beautiful pets!

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Dog Training

Guardian Angel Animal rescue and Take the Lead were both founded and established by Aimee Dent. Take the Lead was born due to so many dogs being surrendered to rescues because of behavioural issues, that when given the appropriate information and tools, could have likely kept the dog with their family.

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